With competition on the rise and dental fees in decline, separating your practice from the rest is critical for the best patients know who you, where to find you, and why they should choose you.
In this information-packed Mentor of the Month for every Crown Council team member, you’ll discover:
  • The one characteristic that will make your practice a magnate for attracting the best talent in your market.
  • What no other practice can copy that will attract more new patients.
  • The secret fuel for more positive on-line reviews for your practice.
  • A NEW, free tool that will turbo-charge your team and help you deliver exceptional service that patients rave about.
  • A weekly habit your team can develop that will dramatically increase case acceptance.
  • 8 Secrets of top performing teams that you can copy to create exceptional results in your practice.
  • What top teams know about team performance and what they do about it to stay on top.