Dr. Peter Barnett received his dental degree in 1977 and anMBA from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School ofBusiness in 1979. For 25 years Dr. Barnett used his education and broad knowledge of dentistry and business to helpgrow the Pearle Vision Centers dental practice division; theVoluntary Hospitals of America to develop the PhysicianHospital Organizations and later to help Prudential develop a new business model to fully integrate dental into thecompany’s medical insurance business.

In 1995, he became COO for United Dental Care, a dental benefits company and later went on to co-found HealthASPx, a third party administrastore - commerce business and Denex, a startup dental insurance company in the greater DC area.

After all of that, in 2003, Dr. Barnett left the corporate world to start his own dental practice Star Ranch Dental, in Plano, Texas where he practices today.