"Back surgery is your only option…’

This statement inspired Dr. Eric Goodman to overcome a seriously bad back. Severe, years long debilitating lower back pain had been hanging over Dr. Goodman’s upcoming Chiropractic career. A year before graduation his pain hit and held its climax for several months. This was a maddening experience.

After dedicating years of his life and all of his money to learn how the body worked, he was well-educated, yet stuck in daily pain with a diagnosis of severe Degenerative Joint Disease at the spine. Sympathetic doctors told him the only way to possibly relieve his pain was to undergo a painful back surgery: legitimate fusion of his lowest spine.

But Dr. Goodman said NO to surgery – one of the best decisions he had ever made.

Foundation Training’s birth was due to his belief that corrective movement could be the answer to his pain and give him back his mobility, health, and life.

It’s been over a decade since that decision and in that time, tens of thousands of people have found similar pain relief and healing through Foundation Training. Dr. Goodman and the Foundation Training team stand confidently behind this work as our best available answer to our pain and yours.


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