Copy the genious of Crown Council mentor - Dr. Kate Gross! 

The dental group she has built with her husband, Dr. Guy Gross, is a source of pride and achievement. “There’s nowhere else I’d rather work than side-by-side with my husband, my father (2002-2013 when he retired), and my brother (2013 to present). “It is truly a family practice - one that was built on my family working together - and one that takes care of families at every stage of life experience. I like the variety, the fast pace, and the patients that I see grow and change throughout the years. The best part of my job is the deeply caring, highly skilled, and truly awesome professionals that I work side-by-side with. Aside from my family, these are the people that I spend the most time with, and I greatly value them and enjoy their company!”

Dr. Gross earned her Bachelor of the Arts in Human Biology from the University of Kansas in 1998, and her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2002. She has continued to learn more about dentistry and patient care through continuing education in orthodontics and oral sedation. In fact, Dr. Kate has logged over 300 hours in orthodontic continuing education alone, gaining her Achievement status in the credentialing process through the American Orthodontic Society.


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