Our 2018 Team of the Year recognizes not just the outstanding effort of the team but the heroic efforts of their doctor. When 50 inches of rain and almost 19 Trillion gallons of water fell on Texas, this team jumped into action helping family, friends, neighbors and complete stranger with any task that needed to be done. Their doctor…for four straight days, volunteer managed a shelter at the local high school where they served 286 people, coordinated over the activities of over 300 volunteers and provided emergency care for 89 Nursing Home residents who arrived without charts, medication or staff to help. As the immediate crisis ended, the team even gathered at the office and after cleaning it up from the damage that came from the storm, made the distributed over 900 hygiene kits to 7 different shelters and donation centers.

The full story of this experience and this team would take us hours to tell…but might be best described in the words of one team member. She worte, “This is seriously the best family ever to work together! I am truly grateful for each and every one of them. How can a dental practice be so little about clinical dentistry and so much about the people?! When your team understands that we take care of each other first, and the awesome by-product of that is stellar patient care...now that is a beautiful thing! They're going to have to bury me here, because these people- the docs, the assistants, the hygienists, and the admin...they rock my world!"

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