MENTOR #67: Young Dentist of the Year - Dr. Erin Beveridge

Erin's mentor said of her,

"This young professional came into our office a year ago. I cannot think of another dentist right out of school that has been so professional and brought so much to their office. She is polite, kind and strong. I was so impressed with her people skills not just with our patients but with our team."

"She has been attending Crown Council Annual Events since she was 12 years old.   She has been a CC student member through her 4 years at Marquette University School of Dentistry. She graduated and got her dental license in 2017."

"She loves what she does and it shows in her determination. She has had her struggles to complete her doctorate and graduate. 6 years ago she got a heart infection during the finals in her first year of dental school. She went home and was helicoptered to Stanford University for a possible heart transplant. The doctors performed a miracle and her heart healed after 2 weeks in the ICU. The Dean and her professors recommended she stay home for 9 months and heal. They saved a place in the next dental class for her."

"A few months before she joined my office I purchased a second dental practice. She has been instrumental in introducing more current equipment and procedures to these patients and is the driving force to its success."

Please join us in recognizing the Crown Council Young Dentist of the Year, the unique contribution to dentistry of Erin Beveridge.

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