MENTOR #72 DR. KEN CHAPMAN "On Being a Dentist"

From "On Being A Dentist" introduction: 

“You’re a dentist.” “You can’t write books.” “Why would you even want to try?” Sadly, I listened to those voices for years. My goal was simple. I’ve had great success as a dentist and built a fine practice – in spite of myself. I messed up lots of things, but have done a pretty good job of cleaning up, too! I wanted to share that. I wanted save you all my mistakes and achieve all that I have, only faster and with less pain. Not to tell you what to do, but to help guide you toward whatever it is you want.

My book’s title comes from a course that was taught during my freshman year of dental school. No one in my class took On Being a Dentist seriously, and with good reason. It was crap. Oh, I know the faculty tried hard and meant well. They just had no idea what real world private dental practice was like. Most of them had never been there or even in the same zip code for that matter. They approached the class from an academic’s perspective. Fine if you want to teach and do research in a dental school, but the vast majority of my class didn’t. They wanted to be self-employed private practice doctors and On Being a Dentist was nine miles from that. Hopefully, this book is a little closer to the mark.

I do, along with a partner, own my practice. We cold started it together and we have merged three doctor’s practices in with us. Over the course of more than two decades, I haven’t quite seen it all, but when it comes to the business of dentistry, I’m much closer than that pathetic class our freshman year. Further, I have also been an employee and a resident. I can give you real world perspective from several angles.

To do that, I’ve taken quotes from mentors and authors that over the years have meant a great deal to me in growing my practice. I took what these wonderful people had to say and expanded on it, adding in my experiences – good and bad – toward that goal of helping you not make my mistakes. And if that doesn’t quite do it for you, maybe you will appreciate and understand the Klingon proverb. Please enjoy – Revenge is a dish best served cold!

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