Mentor #76 Barbara Freet "COVID-19 HR Decisions"

I spent some time today with our long-time Crown Council Resource Partner, Barbara Freet with HR Advisors who did a great job of summarizing things that are useful to know right now in regards to HR decisions with your team as you consider a modified schedule. 
We recorded our conversation which will be released shortly so you can listen and learn.
In the meantime, attached are three documents that Barbara has provided that might be of immediate use before you listen:
1.  Multi-state HR parameters for modified working situations with your team.
2.  California specific guidelines.
3.  Family First legislation summary that is currently being considered. 
Ultimately there are state specific laws and benefits that need to be considered.  Barbara is available if you have questions:
Our thanks to Barbara for always being willing to share.
The documents are attached below.
We hope this helps.
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