Crown Council Mentor of the Month

 Jack Fairchild Mentor of the Month "Immune Support"

Metabolic and Nutritional Assessments

Jack Fairchild, CCN

(830) 896-0550

Anti-viral: Staying healthy and getting well in today’s world.
What you may not know about your immune system and what you can do to stay healthy with life-style, nutrition and supplementation.

- What we learned from the Spanish Flu epidemic that can help us now.
- A simple solution sitting in right your refrigerator.
- Why getting out of the house in a time of social distancing may be essential.
- The highest antioxidant substance you are not getting enough of.
- The foods no one is buying right now that will help you the most.
And much, much more.

Join Jack Fairchild, CCN as he explains what everyone should know now about health, nutrition and going anti-viral!