Dr. Guy Gross says the best part of every day is when he gets to help patients restore their smiles and their health by replacing and rebuilding teeth. “I spend most of my time placing dental implants and doing cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, and I love what I do!” he says. “I get to work directly with patients and my team members to solve problems in an environment where I can be responsible for the way patients are cared for and served.”

Dr. Gross founded the New Horizons group of dental practices with his wife, Kathryn Gross (Kate), also a dentist. “We have a consistently amazing group of people to work with and a great culture of service, teamwork, and excellence.”

Dr. Gross grew up in Bennington, KS, and currently resides in Salina. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Kansas State, then attended UMKC School of Dentistry for his Doctorate degree. He says the dental profession has been an ideal fit for his interests and talent. "Dentistry is a wonderful hands-on health profession where I can diagnose, solve problems, and deliver solutions for my patients. It’s an amazing feeling when patients see their new smile for the first time, or experience the ability to eat their favorite foods again as the outcome of a wonderfully restored bite from dental implants."

Dr. Guy was inducted into Dental Hall of Fame in 2018. He has been teaching Dental Implant surgery courses to other dentists since 2014, in addition to teaching courses on 3D Imaging, Communication Skills, Practice Management, and more.

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