Meet Dr. Kris Heap.  

Crown Council's "Best Doctor to Work for 2019" 

His team says of him….he is a man of integrity and he lives what he speaks. He strives to find the best in everyone and everything. He equips us to become better individuals, not only in our work environment, but in our personal lives. He is passionate about life and living it. He has a compassionate heart which reflects in the charity work we do together. We have traveled to the Dominican Republic to provide dental care for those less fortunate, we have financially supported and volunteered at local charities. Each year, we designate a family in our practice to bless at Christmas. HE creates a happy and fun environment to work in. We are not just a team we are family!

Two years ago, he was searching for a new name for his practice and he involved us in that process. We all agreed on Inspire Dental. The word Inspire alone is powerful and it resonates everything that he stands for. His inspiration not only permeates through us, it also permeates through his patients, the books that he has written, the web videos that he has created, and also his friends and family. He is the real deal. You get what you see!! You get the fun, witty, charismatic personality and you also get the humble spirit.

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